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Here is a list of our sponsors.

The order of this list depends on the listing price.

If you are a sim owner you can become a sponsor too, just teleport to SLWishlist and get our device.

The minimum sponsoring price is L$300 for 7 days and the minimum for enhancing it is L$5.

  • Lynwood Island

    [Moderate rated]

    ***NO BAN LINES*** IF FOUND THEY WILL BE REMOVED Buy Island for L$1 then pay L$687pw inclus. 15% extra prims 10% discount when you pay for 4 weeks, rental box on jetty NO BAN LINES/RESIDENTIAL/4 BREEDABLES OF ANY KIND ONLY ***PLEASE READ THE COVENANT**

    by ScarlettSaraJane Resident

    Listing price: L$315

  • LAVISH Gentlemen's Lounge

    [Adult rated]

    Now Hiring.Adult Escort Lounge, Sex, Skype, Daddy, Orgies, Strippers, Voice, Voice Sex, WebCam, femdom, cuckhold, Sissy, Fuck, Kinky, Escorts, BDSM, Nude, Babygirl, Voice Escort, Jobs, Stripclub, Princess, Whore, Sluts, Sugardaddy, 100% Female Verified

    by WildAzz Tiger

    Listing price: L$310