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Here is a list of sl destinations where you can obtain your wishlist or to reset your password.

Upon your registration you will awarded 7 days of free use. After this period and to keep your wishlist active the cost is as little as L$80/31 days.


The order of the list changes depending on the last registrations made.

You can host a terminal on your land for L$600/31 days, just teleport to SLWishlist and get one.

At the first day of each month, the top 3 terminals which made the most registrations win a free advertising of their sims, that's a graphic banner at the sides of the website. The 1st winner wins 30000 appearances of the banner, the 2nd winner 15000 and the 3rd winner 10000.

  1. Futa Breeding Lab & Prison [Adult rated]
    Busty Implants Boobs Tits Orgy Juggs Milking interracial cock Barbie Bimbos Tits Milk furry Breast Expansion Shemale Herm Futa Shemales Lesbians Beast Breeding Impregnation Sissy Beasts Femboy Transformation Clinic Jail Maid Doll Bimbo Gym nfz
  2. Elite Escort Hub Gentleman's Club Voice Sex lounge/Now Hiring! [Adult rated]
    Elite is a Sexy Adult Beach Resort & Escort place, A Gent's Lounge. Daddy's & Doms & those who love SEXy woman, Voice Friendly, Kinky, Love to get naughty,Join us on our Tropical Beach. We have webcam girls, Escorts, BDSM, Femdom, Freelance boards.
  3. ESCORTS & DANCERS ~ THE MONARCHY STRIP CLUB ~ Hiring ~Ad boards [Adult rated]
    Perfection exists. Naughty strippers & horny escorts in an elite intimate atmosphere. Members only. financial domination strippers club escorts sex live nudes bdsm ad boards doms findom cash pig cuckold hiring bbc rlv humiliation worship paypig
  4. HapPy ZoNe No Bad MoOdS HaNgOuT [Adult rated]
    All Welcome to hangout You will find Dance To Music and Games Voice/Chat right click sit the Lighthouse u and GF or Mrs can pose Wishlist terminal too to sign up or get a new password. Small shop/bloodlines topups venders and more .
  5. The Fuck SPOT - Gangbang and Bukkake Room [Adult rated]
    Looking for a SPOT with other like minded individuals for group sex, threesome, orgy, gangbangs, bukkake, or other adult fun? This is The SPOT. Mama Allpa nude breeding cum sluts , freelance escorts horny gangbang whores blow job Findomme
  6. Climax CMNF Parlor [Adult rated]
    /*Sky@995-4096: "Midnight" Water: "glassy"*/ CMNF,Naked,ADULT,Female,Sex,Club,Orgy,BDSM,Daddy,Babygirl,Dom,D/s,Sub,Dance,Fuck,Pussy,Cock,Sluts,RP,Interracial,Eyes Wide Shut,Shades of Grey,RP,Voice