Roundup Optima+ Total Weedkiller

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Roundup Optima+ Total Weedkiller

Roundup Optima+ Total Weedkiller

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Products which are approved for agriculture and horticulture should not be used in Industrial and Amenity situations unless they are also listed. Each line in the table represents a new situation and where more than one situation occurs for the same crop it can be sprayed once for each situation. For example in winter wheat you can apply up to 1.2l/ha of Roundup Energy post planting, but before emergence, then up to 3.2l/ha before harvest and up to 5l/ha in the autumn on the stubble.

Use flat fan nozzles instead of drift reduction nozzles whenever the wind is relatively calm and out of the right direction. Un-rinsed containers and pesticide contaminated cardboard, where the pesticide is classed as Hazardous are EWC15-01-10* and if they contain unclassified product are EWC15-01-02 Everyone who uses pesticides referred to as Plant Protection Products, (PPP) should abide by the Code of Practice for using plant Protection Products 2006 (COP). It has legal status and by following the advice you will be within the law. Both The Food and Environment Protection Act 1985, (FEPA) and the Health and Safety at Work Act, 1974 apply to the use of PPP. The Importance of the Label For more information on how The Pallet Network delivers our different types of products, please watch this short video. What Issues Could Arise With Delivery?All glyphosate products are not same. While they all contain the active ingredient, glyphosate, the formulation type in which the glyphosate is carried plays a major role in performance. This metabolic pathway is present only in green plants. Higher forms of life like mammals, birds, fish and insects are dependent on plant sources to obtain these three amino-acids in their food and neither absorb nor metabolise glyphosate. This is the reason Roundup has such environmentally friendly characteristics. For more detailed information about the glyphosate mode of action see the glyphosate infomation portal Environmentally Friendly

Always use sprays from the store in rotation to avoid the need to dispose of out of date agrochemicals, which are Hazardous waste*. If the situation you intend to use a PPP for is not listed on the product label, then you cannot follow label instructions and comply with the law. You may need to choose a different product which does carry the intended use. Crop Specific Information Areas of land with a vegetation cover that have been removed (temporarily or otherwise) from production. For example some types of set aside. Includes fields or non-crop field margins covered by natural regeneration or by a planted green cover crop that will not be harvested. Consider using a Weed Wiper in areas where spray drift could cause damage to neighbouring non-target plants. Once applied to the leaf uptake occurs within 1-6 hours and glyphosate moves through the phloem both downwards and upwards within 5 days. It tends to accumulate in the growing points, then evens up throughout the plant, leading to a gradual loss of green colour followed by death between one and four weeks later.Roundup Super Concentrate If you’re using Roundup Weed and Grass Killer Super Concentrate, then you should mix about 1.5 ounces, or 3 tablespoons, of Roundup per gallon of water. This should take care of most small weeds. For medium-sized weeds or vines, mix 2.5 ounces for every gallon of water. Can you put roundup in a spray bottle? Some products are available in bulk containers, (IBCs). These should not be classified as waste by the farmer, but returned to us for re-use. How to classify waste for re-cycling or disposal This note details how our products are classified under the Waste Framework Directive, 2008/98/EC and offers useful advice for farmers on the waste production involved in the use of our products and their obligations under the Environmental Protection, (Duty of Care) Regulations, (as amended), 1991. Keep waste to a minimum Apply Roundup when the weeds and grasses are actively growing. The best application time is during warm and sunny weather, above 60 degrees F. Spraying Roundup on cloudy days that are as cool as 50 degrees F. also can produce effective results. Spray the weed and grass killer when the air is calm. Answer: RoundUp Pro Concentrate is mixed at 0.5-10.5 fl oz per gallon of water per 1,000 sq ft. Please refer to the product label for the specific dilution ratio that fits your needs on the targeted weeds/grasses. 42 of 250 people found this answer helpful.

Our formulation chemists have worked continually since the launch of Roundup to bring out new formualtions with improved weed control, leass restrictive conditions of use and better safety profiles under COSHH. Other Plant-free areas with industrial and amenity approval are Permeable surfaces over lying soil or hard surfaces. Answer: When using Roundup PowerMax II Herbicide in 25 gallons of water you can use anywhere from 13 fl oz to 7 quarts. Should I add dish soap to Roundup? Winter wheat, winter barley, winter oats, spring wheat, spring barley, spring oats, durum wheat, combining pea, field beanOnly store chemicals in their original container and retain instructions in case of medical emergency. The Maximum individual dose rate is simply the highest dose you can apply at any one time. The maximum individual dose rate will vary according to the particular use e.g you can apply Roundup Energy at up to 4.8 l/ha on grassland, 3.2l/ha pre-harvest of wheat or 1.2l/ha post planting, pre-emergence of listed crops. Please ensure that you obtain and retain a proof of posting when you return your goods. This is to protect you in the event that your goods are lost in transit.

All European Waste Catalogue, (EWC), categories with * are classed as Hazardous waste and come under the Hazardous Waste Regulations. Not only is Hazardous waste an average of four times more expensive to dispose of, but also farmers will only be exempt from registering as a Hazardous Waste producer if they produce less than 500kg per year in total. Modern formulations of Roundup are highly active and provide the highest levels of uptake and translocation leading to improved speed, rain fastness and efficacy. For Roundup Weed & Grass Killer Super Concentrate, use from 1 1/2 ounces, or 3 tablespoons, to 2 1/2 ounces, or 5 tablespoons, per 1 gallon of water. Green cover on land not being used for crop production' comes under the agricultural/horticultural heading in the crop hierarchy and does not include industrial or amenity situations. This easy mix liquid concentrate formulation is approved for use all around the garden, on gravel areas, paths, drives and along fences. It can be used to clean up weedy areas before planting vegetables, flowers, shrubs and to renovate overgrown areas. Apply by using a garden sprayer.Pesticide concentrate or residues are classed as ‘Hazardous Waste’ ECW 02-01-08* if the product is classed as Hazardous and ECW 02-01-09 where the product is unclassified. Since the introduction of CLP the classification of products has changed. For current products with (H319) waste is hazardous only if the product comprises 20% or more of the waste material. For those classed as or with H statements H400,H410,H412 or H413 waste is hazardous where product comprises 25% or more of the waste. A maximum number of treatments may be specified under the ‘ Maximum number of treatments per year’ column for some products. We use a Maximum total dose wherever possible which allows flexibility to split into any number of treatments. Mixing Directions: For best results use 2 ½ fl. oz. (5 Tbs) per gallon of water. One gallon of water will treat approximately 300 sq ft. Permeable surfaces overlying soil: Any man made permeable surface (excluding railway ballast), such as gravel, that overlies soil and is not intended to bear vegetation. This effective concentrate is available in either a 195ml, 540ml or 1 litre bottle, making up to 10, 27 or 50 spray litres respectively. Details

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