Games Workshop 99120113055" Warhammer 40,000 Tau Empire Start Collecting Game

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Games Workshop 99120113055" Warhammer 40,000 Tau Empire Start Collecting Game

Games Workshop 99120113055" Warhammer 40,000 Tau Empire Start Collecting Game

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If you combine this collection with the battleforce, you’ll have choices for your HQ, (An ethereal or a battlesuit commander), an assortment of the Medium sized suits for the Tau, (no stormsurges or Riptides, but those are always options), and a mix of Tau infantry. You’ve also got a Devilfish Transport to give you enhanced mobility on the tabletop. It’s a neat mix of options and choices for a budding commander, so take a look and see if it’s what you’re looking for to get started. Access to Coordinated Engagement, allowing them to count their targets as having maxed-out markerlights and massively reducing the support they need.

XV8 Crisis Bodyguards: They’re Crisis Suits which can also act like shield drones. Just take shield drones. Precision of the Hunter: The Warlord re-rolls 1s to wound against VEHICLES and MONSTERS. This is a decent ability, and worth considering if your commander is going to be a triple- or quad-fusion Coldstar Commander. At which point having this will help you maximize your output. It’s no Through Unity, Devastation, though. B


They can also take a couple of Prototype Weapon options, making them even more attractive. The Advanced EM Scrambler gives them the ability to shut down deep strikes within 12″, which given they’re on a hefty base lets them do some real work controlling space (though losing the initial option to take two with this via the FAQ has made it a bit less good). Meanwhile, if you just want to kill stuff, the Fusion Obliterator is a fixed three shot fusion collider that also gets an extra 6″ of range and S9, which is a spectactular upgrade, and particularly good in a Stabilisation Systems build. All in all, there’s a decent use case for including one of these in some armies now. The Rest The Start Collecting! sets from Games Workshop are the best way to learn the games of Warhammer: Age of Sigmar and Warhammer 40,000. The great value boxes include everything you need to start playing, with a good amount of models and the rules easy to find online. What's more, they even sometimes contain exclusive sculpts that you can use on the tabletop! Of course, no army is without downsides and the T’au are no exception. While they have been buffed somewhat in melee they still can struggle, relying on auxiliaries like Kroot or Vespids to fill in the gaps. These can both be excellent close range combatants but, as they are not truly T’au, they do miss out on some of the keyword-reliant buffs the rest of your force benefits from. Drones. Everyone hates drones, and with good reason. Drones allow T’au to tank hits for key units, essentially giving a dozen ablative wounds to their best units. The new FAQ update in September made drones even better, allowing them to even absorb special effects from shooting they intercept and ignore “bonus” wounds like those dealt by snipers. An HQ tank choice, Longstrike comes with his own custom Hammerhead tank, which comes with BS2+ at its full profile plus the Tank Ace ability, which gives it +1 to wound rolls against VEHICLE and MONSTER targets, and Fire Caste Exemplar, which gives T’AU SEPT HAMMERHEADS within 6″ +1 to their hit rolls in the Shooting phase. This is incredibly good, making Tau Sept attractive for Hammerheads, though the advent of custom Septs has given them stiff competition. Most of the time you’ll want to replace Longstrike’s Railgun with the Ion Cannon, since the three shots are just a better deal than the single-shot Railgun, and you should consider upgrading the drones to smart missile systems, which have a range closer to that of the tank’s primary gun options and give you the ability to shoot targets out of line-of-sight. You should also strap a couple of seeker missiles to him, since those will benefit from his improved BS as well once you have multiple Markerlights on a target. Commander Farsight

The Nurgle box is pretty good value. If you’re collecting Nurgle Daemons you want Plaguebearers and Nurglings en masse, and at least one Poxbringer too. If you’re going to buy those things, you might as well buy this box, and basically get the Plague Drones for free. A very respectable set which gives you pretty much what you want to get going with the faction – perfect. Tau have a huge array of good options for killing, and this is very much only one of them, but TGG has finally given long-time Crisis fans a way to actually use them, and especially in the Enclaves either of these two setups should do work in their assigned roles. XV95 Ghostkeel Battlesuit The Stealth Suits (Elite) - their sprues are awesome for conversions, with some great designs, so don't bother assembling them: they cannot compete with the Battlesuits - who needs more Strength 5 shots/Armor Penetration 5 shots? Still, they are interesting in Kill Team games.When TAU EMPIRE units shoot at this unit, it receives no bonus to its saving throws for being in cover.

These get a boost with the advent of Hardened Warheads which boosts up their seeker missile alpha strike potential and Gifted Pilots, which also helps. XV109 Y’vahra Battlesuit (Forge World) Wings Note: Used to see play in Fire Warrior spam lists, but those are deaaaadddd in singles events in Marine meta. Dal’yth Solid Image Projection Unit: An Ethereal on a Hover Drone can move 3″ when declared as a charge target (once per phase). Helps your Ethereal stay out of combat, but you should already be screening them to keep them safe so you can clear up the space for a different relic. C+ Farsight Enclave detachments can instead take two COMMANDERs per detachment. While the rule of three obviously means you can’t just take six of the same type, a mix of Enforcer, Coldstar and Crisis suited one lets you fill this up. Sept Tenets

The Razorshark sure is a unit which exists in the book. Their gun is pretty ok, and they have seeker missiles as well (though the seekers will be hitting on 5s since they’re heavy weapons and the Razorshark has to move), but they’re fairly flimsy and the gun isn’t good enough to justify the cost. Remora Stealth Drones Sept Tenet – Coordinated Fire Arcs: Hit on a 5+ in For the Greater Good or Overwatch while within 6″ of another friendly unit. Failure Is Not An Option – A 6″ aura that allows an Ethereal to lend its Ld to nearby units for Morale Tests. This is helpful for the +2 Ld boost it offers, but isn’t particularly amazing. It’s best benefit is on helping the Ld 6 drones in your castle avoid losing additional models due to morale.

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