Girl, Goddess, Queen: A Hades and Persephone fantasy romance from a growing TikTok superstar

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Girl, Goddess, Queen: A Hades and Persephone fantasy romance from a growing TikTok superstar

Girl, Goddess, Queen: A Hades and Persephone fantasy romance from a growing TikTok superstar

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I also LOVED the personification of the goddess Styx - what a gift! I haven't seen a single other author in recent years take on the river gods of the ancient world and spin them into their own characters. The addition of completely new characters like Tempest offered a strong supporting cast that made this book stand out in creativity from the rest. Demeter, are you sure you wish for such a tightly coiled look? The fashion now is much looser,’ Cyane asks from the doorway, the only space left with mother and I both crammed into my tiny bedroom. She is the nymph ordinarily entrusted with the important and arduous task of combing my hair and from the way she’s worrying at the edges of her own tightly-coiled curls, I assume she’s quietly livid mother has decided to interfere on such an important day as this. They gather round, tell me the worst things I’ve ever heard in my life and then give me tips for staying safe. ‘Don’t wear a gown if you have to travel,’ from Aphrodite, ‘disguise yourself as a man if you can and at the very least travel as part of a group.’ Or Athena patting my head, telling me the places to hit a man to break free of him if, god forbid, one ever made it onto the island and took me away. Hestia wasn’t much older than me and would harp on about how it was always safest to stay at home – though admittedly, as goddess of the hearth, I assumed she’d say as much – but if I ever found myself stranded I should march straight to the nearest palace or estate and request Xenia, a bond of hospitality of her own creation that would make them unable to hurt me without consequence. They could still hurt me, of course, but there would be consequences for it. Before Xenia men could do whatever they liked if you were foolish enough to be unprepared for their advances.

The brooding male, the woman determined to be something greater than her father expects, the fake marriage. I just loved it all. Personally, the most interesting part of the book for me was the reasoning as to why she had to split her time between the earth and the underworld (but I shan’t spoil what it is :P).That’s beside the point,’ she says. ‘The only way you get more power, and carve some space for yourself in this world is by aligning yourself with one of those powerful men in marriage. Give the others something, or rather, someone to fear. Do you understand me?’ Bring[s] to life timeless gods, the complex intimacy of family bonds, a fierce protagonist, and a passionate slow-burn romance." Sue Lynn Tan, Sunday Times bestselling author of Daughter of the Moon Goddess. What I can say is that, I equally hate and love this book in equal parts... So.... That's something I will need to think about if I were to write my thoughts on it. Persephone and Hades felt too much like friends in this story so when a romance does finally develop, it felt weird like they shouldn't be doing this. The romance felt forced and didn't sit right with me - their relationship didn't feel natural and it was quite cringey at times. Much of that filler is just repetitive and appalling dialogue. Ie exposition heavy, circular, not really communicating anything, clearly there because the author wants to use a certain line. It was also clunky with phrases you'd expect to see on a modern teen drama or TikTok which considering the context was very jarring. You really can say more and far more meaningfully with less dialogue.

Loose?’ Mother sneers, as expected. ‘What would that imply about her? No, a traditional look is best. She will look beautiful but still virginal, precisely what is needed.’ Bea Fitzgerald’s YA Fantasy Rom-Com debut is a swoon-worthy and utterly feminist take on Greek mythology (and the Hades & Persephone myth) that lured me in with it’s bold and refreshingly assertive approach to Persephone’s tale —which sees her take on the might of Olympus (and her own mother) for the right to RULE HELL … by marrying Hades of course. And I can genuinely say, I didn’t want it to end!

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You cannot stay a girl on an island forever.’ At least we agree about one thing. ‘I know you’re scared but I’m the goddess of vegetation. There is no place on Earth you could go where I will not be able to find you.’ I know that too. ‘You won’t be leaving us forever.’ I had such a fun time with this book. If you enjoyed Lore Olympus, this would be the perfect read for you! It's equal parts rom-com and fantasy while effortlessly weaving in Greek mythology elements and characters. Yes, actually, once. She was two bottles of wine into one of her 'Mother’s evenings' with Selene and Leto. Mother loves inviting the other goddesses over to regale me with horror stories about the men she’s protecting me from.

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