Food Of The Gods: A Radical History of Plants, Psychedelics and Human Evolution

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Food Of The Gods: A Radical History of Plants, Psychedelics and Human Evolution

Food Of The Gods: A Radical History of Plants, Psychedelics and Human Evolution

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In building a case for the harms of "drugs," he propagates the same kind of misinformation that he decries when government agencies employ it against his preferred substances. Some of the things he asserts are interesting and engaging to think about and entertain, but most of what he says seems to be fueled by his own adventures as a psychonaut and not concepts that are based in any measurable reality.

He mostly just alternates between talking about how great drugs are, giving an overview of historic cultures and people who thought drugs were great, and developing an ideology around how great drugs are. When you don't know what the hell you're talking about, but you want to sound like modern biology is on your side, and you want to develop a transcendent philosophy, it's tempting to assume that evolution means progress.McKenna is anything but; he literally believes that widespread use of psychedelics is the only thing that can save the planet from imminent apocalypse caused by human greed and egoism. He gets some things hilariously wrong, with regards to the development of language he says that women developed language more than men because men don't need much language to hunt whereas women needed lots of language to describe edible plants (as if men didn't go on days long hunts and didn't also forage for food). It must be a temptation though, to project experiences of post-modern psychedelic culture and aspirations, onto a pre-modern template.

Before the brainwashed hippy types that read McKennas books start pointing fingers and condemning me for saying this I've read stuff where even these South American Indian shamans that guide white people through Ayhuasca sessions have said they believe that it effects whites differently than other races.

To pretend that the right to the pursuit of happiness does not include the right to experiment with psychoactive plants and substances is to make an argument that is at best narrow and at worst ignorant and primitive. Qui compare una carrellata spropositata di stereotipi sulle sostanze stesse, sulla cultura patriarcale, e sul cristianesimo: insopportabile. These plants might contain the things that are able to reveal what lies beyond the impenetrable edge of the universe within which I exist.

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