Men at Arms: A Discworld Novel:15

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Men at Arms: A Discworld Novel:15

Men at Arms: A Discworld Novel:15

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In past centuries the English, French, Spanish, German, and Dutch celebrated Twelfth Night, or Epiphany Eve, with a feast. The first film ever produced by the newly-formed MGM Studio was He Who Gets Slapped (1924) a highly stylized and deeply disturbing silent film about a masochistic and vengeful Parisian circus clown (based on an early 20th century Russian novel by Leonid Andreyev, which was turned into a stage play and a 1916 film before being translated into English in 1922).

Page 70 - "' Hand you will look after hit,' he shouted, 'You will eat with hit, you will sleep with hit, you --'" Colon is possibly starting to channel Sgt Hartman from Stanley Kubrick's Vietnam war movie Full Metal Jacket: "Tonight, you pukes will sleep with your rifles. The desk sergeant in Hill Street Blues used to say this in each episode of the TV series, at the end of the force's morning briefing. Page 98 - The Duke of Eorle is a play on the classic 1962 doo-wop hit by Gene Chandler, Duke of Earl.Many imaginative, but incorrect stories have come up over the years, including that cop refers to the police uniform's copper buttons, the police man's copper badge, or that it is an abbreviation for "constable on patrol", "constabulary of police", or "chief of police".

Water clocks use the flow of water to measure time and are one of the oldest time-measuring instruments. Page 177 - When the Troll Detritus gets locked in the pork futures warehouse, he creates an elaborate "theory of everything" equation all over the walls, in an attempt to pass the time until he is rescued. Page 31 - In Sergeant Colon's speech and procedures as he trains the new watch, Pratchett pokes fun at the similar trend in Roundworld on procedure over actual actions - talking about it rather than doing it. Page 74 - "'I think perhaps Lance-Constable Angua shouldn't have another go with the longbow until we've worked out how to stop her. As she explains, since they are closer to the ground in the very low ceiling bar, their ears are closer to the ground too.Page 210 - "'Hi-ho -- '-- hi-ho --' 'Oook oook oook oook ook --'" The best-known song in Walt Disney's 1937 full length animation movie Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs is sung by the seven dwarfs (also referenced on p. It is revealed that d'Eath has stolen the gonne, the Disc's first and only handheld firearm, from the Assassins' Guild, with the intention of discrediting Vetinari's government through the murders. Some believe that if a werewolf ingests it when they are in human form, it will enable them to keep their human mind when they transform into a wolf.

Each used, to varying degrees, a combination of blunt-force and puncture attack to kill or wound the enemy. Bjorn Again is the name of an Australian band with a repertoire that consists entirely of Abba covers. While no longer used today, candle clocks provided an effective way to tell time indoors, at night, or on a cloudy day (the disadvantage of a sun dial). To "take the King's shilling" was to agree to serve as a sailor or soldier in the Royal Navy or the British Army.Page 24 - Appropriately, given the fact that Beano is a clown, Death does a 'knock knock' joke when collecting him and, not surprisingly given it is Death, fails miserably. Meanwhile, Captain Samuel Vimes, captain of the Ankh-Morpork City Watch, prepares for his imminent wedding to Sybil Ramkin, the richest woman in Ankh-Morpork. The long pause when the criminal thinks he has got away with the crime, followed by the incisive question that skewers him. Page 64 - "Capability Brown, Sagacity Smith, Intuition De Vere Slade-Gore" Lancelot 'Capability' Brown (1715-1783) actually existed, and was a well known landscape gardener and architect. Detritus is silicon based as noted before so is exhibiting the same characteristics that a computer trying to reboot does.

As stated before streets in medieval times were usually named for the trade that was plied there hence Gropecunt street. When a string of seemingly random murders occur among the Guilds of the city, Lord Vetinari forbids Vimes to investigate in a successful ploy to ensure Vimes does investigate. And they need all the help they can get, because someone in Ankh-Morpork has been getting dangerous ideas – about crowns and legendary swords, and destiny.As an aside, in previous times barbers were also surgeons so would be skilled in ear removal if they had a sideline as a torturer. In the computer language "Python" the placeholder names, the principal metasyntactic variables are 'spam', 'ham' and 'eggs' which are all from Monty Python's (hence the programming language name) sketch Spam.

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