Aqua One Aqua Nano 40 55L Complete Tropical Glass Aquarium Set, 40 cm

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Aqua One Aqua Nano 40 55L Complete Tropical Glass Aquarium Set, 40 cm

Aqua One Aqua Nano 40 55L Complete Tropical Glass Aquarium Set, 40 cm

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It's always best (we've all discovered) to get the biggest tank you can afford and can fit in, otherwise you can find that all the fish you're interested in aren't suitable for your set up. As with all aquariums from all manufacturers, we highly recommend installing your glass aquarium on a purpose-built aquarium stand or cabinet the same size or larger than the footprint of the aquarium, if you do not install on a purpose-built aquarium stand or cabinet, this will void your warranty (same with all glass tank manufacturers) Reporting Breakages: Any breakages or damages must be reported to the store within 48 hours of receiving the goods. It is important to promptly notify the store to initiate the resolution process. Verification of Damage: Once the store receives the returned goods, they will verify the damage. If the damage is confirmed, the store will supply the required replacements. So thats where I am so far, I'm going to be adding maybe more plants and mosses as I go, and Fauna is going to be varieties of shrimp and some very small fish. I've got other bits and bobs I'm collecting along the way and am going to be dryscaping whilst I sort my co2, spray bar etc. The diffuser is going to be located in the sump area below the pump and co2 potentially out theu the spray bar I think but I generally change my mind on lots of aspects when I ready something new

Includes a LED light unit. This light provides bright and efficient lighting, whilst enhancing the natural colours of your aquarium inhabitants. The design of the Inspire cabinets aims to complement current furniture trends. All Inspire cabinets are made in the UK and are of strong built quality to provide optimum support for your aquarium. The Aqua One AquaNano Aquarium is the ultimate complete aquarium set for any living space or office. This stylish aquarium comes complete with tank, heater, filter and LED lighting, everything you need to get started. Arguably one of the best looking aquariums in the Aqua One range, the AquaNano 40 with matching Inspire cabinets is a stunning addition to any room. With it's own, very capable filtration system and a choice of LED or PL lighting, the AquaNano 40 really is a fishkeeper's delight. AquaNano 40 The AquaNano aquarium offers a complete aquarium system consisting of LED lighting as well as a total filtration system complete with biological and mechanical components.Replacement of Glass or Ceramic Items: Glass or ceramic items can only be replaced if the store is notified within 48 hours of receiving the delivery. Notification of Faulty Goods: Customers must notify the store within 7 working days if they receive faulty goods. This notification should be made as soon as possible. Got my first tank a few months ago after my girlfriend who keeps fish and has done for a long time decided she wanted a small tank for her living room to keep shrimp in........I thought SHRIMP, is she mental !!

Anyway I bought her the Aquanano 30 as she didn't want the 40 and I started googling tanks and nano tanks especially looking at what she might have in mind. I was instantly bitten by the bug and bought myself the Aquanano 40. That was a few months ago and I've only just about got everything ready to go properly. Anyway enough jibber jabber As for cories, they really like to be in groups of 6 or more (preferably of their own type) I am not familiar with the Agassizi, but I would also think that the tank is too small for the others, and certainly for their groupings of 6.We are doing another gravel clean tomorrow but want to be careful not to over clean. What is the recommended gravel clean frequency and to what extent? We appear to have a really thin film of algae building up on the inside of the tank. It is easy to wipe off but would it be best to leave for the fish?

APC Next Day Delivery: APC Next Day delivery is available for UK mainland postcodes. It is usually delivered on the next working day after dispatch. However, please note that items being delivered to more remote areas may require additional time for delivery. According to the store’s return policy, the following guidelines should be followed for returning goods: Cories need a tank with a biggish footprint - that is a long rectangular tank rather than a cube shaped one. The most popular feature of the tank however is the cover glass with its tidy finish, rounded front corners and crystal-clear quality. The finish combines with the powerful lighting to enhance your aquascape, creating a spectacular head-turning display. Does this aquarium come in any other sizes?

I've looked at your post in this thread, and the one in Resa's thread about her gourami, and I can find anything about your tank size (though of course it does take me a couple of hours to wake up properly in a morning and I might not be seeing what is written there ) Home > Spares By Aquarium > AquaNano - Spares & Accessories from Aqua One > AquaNano 40 Spares AquaNano 40 Spares Thanks DJT for the advice on the filter sponge. One question is how is it best to get the pump out so that we can clean it. Ie screwing, pulling etc. It seems quite stiff and we are worried it might get damaged. I'm really sorry to sound so negative and hey, who knows, I could be wrong and have the wrong tank in mind.

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