Warriors Super Edition: Riverstar's Home

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Warriors Super Edition: Riverstar's Home

Warriors Super Edition: Riverstar's Home

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At this point, characters are flip-flopping their opinions around like the authors are writing this chapter by chapter and passing it around. I think that first half RR and last half RR feel like two different characters. First half feels so much more distinct and last half feels like just Some Guy. Premature Birth Drama: Star Flower's kitting. In addition to coming at the worst possible time - as they're running form the villain - the kits are very early, which worries everyone.

Fainting: Ripple passes out from exhaustion after going over a waterfall and making it out of the river. Riverstar's Home is the sixteenth Warriors Super Edition. It takes place during the Dawn of the Clans arc. This feels like a Fanfiction. There are moments when Riverstar seems like someone's OC and they put him in the already-existing story, you know what I mean? I feel like this should have been a novella and not a super edition. It would get boring at certain parts and I felt like I enjoyed the side characters more than Riverstar himself! I felt the trip to his old parkmates camp was pointless and the “development” of him and Finch was nonexistent. It seemed that Slash was gonna be a bigger threat but he's in two chapters then dies. I really wanted to like this book. I really did. River Ripple was one of my favorite characters from the Dawn of the Clans series. But this one just didn’t deliver for me.


Pretty average super edition imo. The first half was pretty good, with fun characterization and a really neat look into a group of cats and how they came together. I loved Riverstar and Night's interactions, and Drizzle was an unexpected favorite. The way River personified the river and saw it as a genuine friend was very heartwarming, and I also was glad to see his mindfulness/meditation skills focus so prominently in the book. I think that's, like, the first skill I've ever seen a character have in this book that could actually be useful for its readers to utilize too, haha.

Shadowstar : " Whether I survive or not doesn't really matter anymore. I appreciate your loyalty, but you can't let that affect your ability to lead ShadowClan. You have to be ready to become leader if you must." In his bio for The Ultimate Guide: Updated and Expanded Edition, Riverstar is listed with dark gray fur. [41] I wish we had more of Riverstar being a reluctant leader, the book implied it was going that way but never commited. I wish he told cats to keep calling him River Ripple instead of Riverstar, eventually warming up to the name by the end of the book, and I wished he tried to skip gathering like it was said he did in an earlier book (I forget which one) Lost Stars • The Silent Thaw • Veil of Shadows • Darkness Within • The Place of No Stars • A Light in the Mist As Gray Wing died, he renamed the groups "Clans". River Ripple likes the word, since it means "family" and what he's trying to build with the cats he lives with.Welcome to StarClan. I am Riverstar. You will bring strength to RiverClan at a time when they need it. With this life, I give you acceptance. I used to have not much opinion on RiverClan (given, I haven't read most RiverClan oriented books such as Crookedstar's Promise). This SE changed things and I'm now quite fond of it. In fact, they might've taken WindClan's place as my favorite Clan. But that's still TBD.

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