Raid Moth Paper, Moth Killer an Repellent For Wardrobes And Drawers, 1 Pack (12 Sheets)

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Raid Moth Paper, Moth Killer an Repellent For Wardrobes And Drawers, 1 Pack (12 Sheets)

Raid Moth Paper, Moth Killer an Repellent For Wardrobes And Drawers, 1 Pack (12 Sheets)

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This is a fast acting insecticidal moth spray, which can also kills flies and wasps. Make sure you spray Insectrol Moth Killer into the air and not onto carpets and fabrics.

It might be due to the stage of the moth life cycle where some larvae are still pupating. We are only at the start of the moth season and you may be seeing young adults and female moths but not the active adult males yet.Fed up with finding holes in your favourite winter knits? Learn how to put a stop to pesky clothes moths for good. We are fully confident that you will not find a comparable-performing clothes moth trap on the market to our German-engineered ones. My two favourite materials to upcycle are old jeans and road maps. Last year I made fun faux moths out of denim scraps; this time, I made some fun paper moth and butterfly art using old road maps. If you are not currently catching moths it could be that the moths you are seeing are not a type that are attracted to our Traps. So weather patterns are key here - warmer States across the south of the US (think Florida across to Texas and then across to California) will be likely to see clothes moth activity all year round. In the northern states (Washington State across to New York), the cold winter temperatures delay pupation until the weather warms up in the spring - larvae will still be causing damage to clothing, particularly in centrally heated homes, but flying moths will only emerge with warmer temperatures.

Fortunately, if you are not an expert in moth identification, the type you have is less important than the location in which you discovered them. Moths can be killed or kept away from certain places with specific traps or chemicals. As it is still early in the moth season it could be that the moths present are females or juveniles. The traps attract the sexually active adult male moths and can be kept in place for 12 weeks after opening. Puff lightly & evenly over surfaces, particularly areas that have been eaten bare or show signs of being eaten Whether it's a Webbing Clothes Moth Trap (Common household Moth Trap), a Case-Making Clothes Moth Trap, a White Shouldered House Moth Trap, or a Brown House Moth Trap - the Moth Prevention Clothes Moth Traps will be an essential part of taking care of your moth problem - and preventing a moth problem. Quality of Moth Pheromones In Moth Traps If you require more information it can be found in this article How to Maximise the Effectiveness of Your Moth Traps.


As you have been using our Moth Traps for some time now, we would expect that the moths you are seeing are not adult male moths, which is a good thing! The patterns on road maps are also exciting and can make interesting map artwork. I thought that they would be perfect for creating a display of faux paper moths. The vintage road maps helped give the map moths a vintage theme. It’s Fun & Easy To Stitch On Paper

If you require more information it can be found in this article How to Maximize the Effectiveness of Your Moth Traps. Your clothes moth traps should start catching the male moths within a day or two, but it will take time to reduce the population if there are moth larvae present that pupate into a new cycle of adult moths. This can be a process that extends over several months. The traps will be active for 12 weeks after opening, enabling you to monitor for any moth presence, and they will help break the breeding cycle. You have been diligent in protecting your wardrobe from moths, but unfortunately that's not the only place they can infest. The winged creatures often lay their eggs in carpets, preferably in areas where the larvae can hatch and feed undisturbed; such as on keratin in the wool. Moth balls do kill moths in an enclosed environment such as closets and drawers but are meant to target the eggs and larvae of clothes moths. They will not work in the same way in an open space and will not affect adult flying moths unless they end up in the enclosed space with moth balls. To be clear, we do NOT recommend the use of naphthalene moth balls - they are highly toxic, carcinogenic and highly flammable. Is a Pheromone Moth Trap The Same as a Clothes Moth Trap?A pheromone moth trap is a generic name for a moth trap which uses moth pheromones to attract and catch moths. Clothes moth traps are a specific type of pheromone trap for moths. For that reason they can also be referred to as clothes moth pheromone traps and various other names such as: The moth you are targeting is not one of the Moths mentioned above. You may like to view our guide on identifying Clothes and Carpet Moths on the link below. We know that it can be frustrating and stressful when your precious investment pieces and home textiles are being destroyed by clothes moths. We’ve walked in your shoes and feel your pain. The good news is that we are here to guide you through the process of getting rid of clothes moths.

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