Sprogs & Dogs Ultra Hardwearing Grass Seed by Lawn UK - Ultimate Grass Seed for Family lawns, Super Durable, Tough Lawn Seed Mixture - Fast Growing (1kg)

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Sprogs & Dogs Ultra Hardwearing Grass Seed by Lawn UK - Ultimate Grass Seed for Family lawns, Super Durable, Tough Lawn Seed Mixture - Fast Growing (1kg)

Sprogs & Dogs Ultra Hardwearing Grass Seed by Lawn UK - Ultimate Grass Seed for Family lawns, Super Durable, Tough Lawn Seed Mixture - Fast Growing (1kg)

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Mowing height: Fine ornamental grass can and should be mowed quite close – as low as 1cm. Coarse ryegrass performs better if you let it grow a little more – up to 4cm. That said, any type of newly-sown grass should be left to grow up to around 7cm before you cut it for the first time. Or try sowing with clover, which will blend in the bare patches and survive drought much better than grass. Clover ‘White Nanouk’ is a low-growing variety. If all of these fail, bark mulch is your best bet. It is not as pretty as grass, but it will keep the mud at bay, is easily topped up and the dogs won’t mind walking on it.

Now of course these estimates can vary greatly depending on the weather. If it’s warm and damp, germination tends to be faster, cold and dry, and germination can take much longer. Sun vs shade: Most types of grass prefer full sun, but fescue is a shade specialist (and will also grow in sunny spots). A ryegrass/fescue mix is the most reliable choice if your garden has shady bits. We understand how important a perfect lawn is. Your lawn is the centrepiece of your garden and achieving the perfect striped finish is part of every Saturday routine. That’s why we’ve created our range of high quality lawn seed mixtures.For one of the cheapest seed mixes in our rundown, Sprogs Dogs is a clear all-round winner. The only downside is that birds love it, so invest in some netting while your lawn takes root. Even the priciest grass seed costs significantly less than buying rolls of turf, but it does require more patience and work to create a lawn from seed than from turf. What is grass seed made from? Could be to so with weather or my individual lawn but initially I thought none of the seeds germinated as four weeks after sowing I still had a muddy lawn. Don’t get carried away and buy 5kg when you’re just planting a small front lawn. Too much seed causes overcrowding, which leads to bald patches. The best grass seed you can buy in 2023 1. Sprogs & Dogs: Best hardwearing grass seed for busy lawns

These hard-wearing grass seed mixtures are designed to be easy to grow and fast to establish, with minimal effort. Like all grass seeds, they will benefit from a pre-seeding fertiliser such as Growmore. To get a good establishment, 70 grams of seed per m 2 (2 oz per square yard) is recommended. Measure the area and allow a little bit extra for subsequent filling in or patching that may be necessary at a later stage. You could also grow a small area somewhere else in your garden so that you have a ready supply of matching turf for any repair work that may be required. Sprogs and Dogs has attracted attention from the media too, with the Independent Newspaper recommended our superb lawn seed mixture (read more about that here). Ryegrass is the most common type of grass seed. It’s coarse, versatile, hard-wearing and fast to grow. Technically speaking it’s a ‘bunch grass’, which means it’s a cool-season grass that thrives in most soil types and conditions. Don’t forget to consider giving your new lawn seed the best possible start. You can use a pre-seeding fertiliser such as Growmore or Blood, Fish & Bone.Key specs – Seed types: Abernile perennial ryegrass, fescue, bentgrass; When to sow: Spring/autumn; Mowing height: Optimum 2.5cm; 500g covers: 14m ²

According to long-term users it really does work, maintaining a dark green colour even during droughts. It’s pricey (although still cheaper than buying turf), but it is a reliable grass that gardeners say is particularly good at resisting disease. Alternatively, you can buy a distributor available from our online store. (These can be used for putting down lawn seed as well as fertilisers.) Again, go over the area one way and then repeat at right angles to ensure proper distribution of the seed. When you have sown your seed, rake it in lightly and, depending on weather conditions, your lawn will begin to show in 14 – 21 days. Improving existing lawns Lawn Care Our lawn care range is designed to make Lawn UK a one stop shop for all your lawn care needs. We’ll be expanding our lawncare range over time, with new products constantly being added to our range.’

It contains unusual grass varieties cultivated for areas that never get direct sun, such as under trees or below fences in built-up areas. Ingredients include smooth-stalked meadowgrass (‘poa pratensis’), a deep-rooted grass that’s great at surviving drought and cold, and a super-strong variety of bluegrass (‘poa supina’) that thrives in shade. If this stuff doesn’t grow under your tree, nothing will. Sprogs and Dogs was the brainchild of Lawn UK’s founder. It was designed to be a hardwearing, smart and easy to grow lawn, that could be relied on for many years to come. Sprogs and Dogs is a carefully blended mix, made up of 3 key species: Ryegrass, Slender Creeping Red Fescue, and Bentgrass.

Lawn UK is known for top quality premium lawn seed. These finest quality grass seed mixtures are designed to look perfect but still be versatile. For example, Premium Shade, which is a fine quality lawn mixture also grows well in the shade. If you want the very best lawn seed mixture then choose Premium Green from Lawn UK. The secret is in the colour. Germinal is so confident about the world-beating hue of its So Green grass, which uses specially-cultivated Abernile ryegrass, that it planted the stuff on the side of a house for its product photo (above). Yep, that sure is green. And it promises to stay green all year round. All Purpose Seed Our all purpose range of grass seed is great value, and very versatile. We have several mixtures that you can buy by the kilogram, as well as our bulk discounted universal lawn. Customers frequently tell us that they have different uses for our seed, and allsorts lawn is a great mix for that.’It will produce a lush lawn providing you with a lovely consistent green colour all year round. Whilst a mixture like Premium Green is of ornate quality, this mix is high quality and provides a tough ground cover. It is a hard wearing mixture, perfect for lawns with high traffic density. The main downsides are that it’s slow to establish, and the ryegrass-free mix requires warmer temperatures to germinate. Sow it in spring and you should see a healthy growth in early summer. If you require a finer quality lawn seed mixture, you can browse our range of high quality mixtures here.

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