Garth Marenghi’s TerrorTome: Dreamweaver, Doomsage, Sunday Times bestseller

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Garth Marenghi’s TerrorTome: Dreamweaver, Doomsage, Sunday Times bestseller

Garth Marenghi’s TerrorTome: Dreamweaver, Doomsage, Sunday Times bestseller

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that's wrong. Although, although I have to say that, you know, we did make our fair share of mistakes, it being the first TV show, we did. So I'm sure that some of our mistakes we probably didn't let on about and just oh, you know, those were intentional. But what we did do was ask all the department heads, you know, how would you do? How would you do your job badly? You know, what, what are the ways you could really, you know, screw up your job here. And so we got a lot of info on on what would be the worst way to do certain things from them. And when we would just pop them in and if, you know, if they suddenly came on to take something off the thing or arrange, you know, sort out the continuity, we say, What's this for? And they said, Well, he was hand was there on the last cut, and then we would basically go no, no, okay, forget that, then we'll just keep the bad continuity in. So a lot of those were sort of real mistakes that were happening, but we just put the brakes on correcting them. Speed Kills – With an universal movement of 8” or more, army wide fly and army wide retreat and charge, Nighthaunt are fast , and you’re never going to pin them down in combat. This is an army that goes wherever it wants, whenever it wants, and Nagash help you if you’re in their way. Well, I mean, maybe people want to know about whatever they want to do or not. It's out there now. So you exactly, you know if you're listening, but I mean, yes, it's very well, your grandfather's glasses, so they actually have sentimental value beyond you know, the Gulf marine the ships, right?

Exactly. Yeah. No, it's it was good fun recording it as well. So yeah, it's very stupid. Yeah, it's nice to do. You know, some other some of the silly voices. Finally an equivalent for All Out Defense ! As we’ve spoken about in Hammer of Math articles before, a 5+ ward is more than twice as good as a 6+ ward, because any saved wound has a higher chance of being saved again. Using this ability at just the right time will be absolutely game winning. We’ve taken to calling this ability All Out Ghost in the Goonhammer office. Frightful Touch That's absolutely right. And in fact, the little dog in in dark place Skipper who's who's killed by wasps, that was my parents dog. So that's, that's a family photo as well. So yes, there's lots of little sentimental bits and bobs, you know, peppered throughout the show?Once upon a time, a show was made that was so outrageous, so ahead of its time, it was shelved by the TV network, never to be shown. Well, times changed, and that show eventually was released decades later, and it changed the face of television and horror forever. Maybe. Possibly. We can dream. In reality, Garth Marenghi’s Darkplace was a spark of comedy genius from Matt Holness and Richard Ayoade. Comprising six episodes interspersed with talking heads from some of its stars and creators, it was an intentionally badly made homage to horror books, films, and TV shows. Perhaps it didn’t quite set the world on fire, though those who know, know. You know? But it was something utterly unique, and nothing quite like it has been seen since. Yeah, yeah. I know. I mean, even if the glasses are tragically being damaged, never to be used again. I mean, even if mid scene, you'd swap the glasses and just never referenced it, it would kind of be in keeping with the whole kind of tone of the show anyway, I mean, yeah, there's so many of these brilliant inconsistencies. And I mean, the genius behind it is you kind of have to know how to make a show, well, to then deliberately make it badly at points and then to self reference that so I mean, that Happy to have you here. And I want to begin with, I want to know what early life lessons you learned growing up in Whitstable. There’s a couple of key things to note here. Firstly, there’s no cap on how low you can reduce a unit’s save. With enough rend and Wave of Terror results, you can absolutely strip a unit down to no save whatsoever.

Must Read Horror Articles 23 October 2023 Welcome to Must Read Horror, where we search the internet… In contention with Craventhrone Guard for the title of ‘worst warscroll in the book’, Glaivewraith Stalkers have at best stayed the same since their previous iteration. Yes, they’ve gained a point of damage and rent, and now you gain +3 to charge a unit chosen at the start of the game, but you’re losing 1” range and reroll failed hits on the turn you charged your victim while also going up to 105 points, from 65. This is a bad unit with great sculpts. Maybe next time, mari lwyd. Myrmourn Banshees The second half is the Q&A session, which he sets up hilariously as an interview with himself, though he reluctantly realises the limitations of that format and opens it up to hoi polloi in the audience. Spiteful Spirit lets you roll a number of dice equal to your general’s Wounds characteristic on any turn they’re injured, inflicting a mortal wound on each enemy unit within 6” on a 4+. Most Nighthaunt generals that see combat aren’t going to be alive there very long, and while it might be cute as a little bomb it still doesn’t meet the mark for us.To his benefit now, the undead god of poetic justice is incredibly mobile, with Spectral Tether allowing him to move to 9” away from enemy units, allowing you to place your big hitter exactly where he needs to go. He’s still going to dominate the magic phase with eight casts and unbinds at +3 while he’s suffered six or fewer wounds (even more so than Teclis, which makes us very happy every time it happens), and he’s got a couple of utility tools that might mean he sees play. Invocation of Nagash heals or resurrects up to 3 wounds to 5 different units, and Supreme Lord of the Undead means every time you determine how many slain models return, return an extra 1. While this might seem hilarious to combo with Olynder and a Guardian of souls, you’re dropping 955 points into this guy and you desperately need bodies to hold objectives and keep him alive, so the fewer ghosts you have the easier it is for those units to be completely removed, becoming unhealable. Death Magic Incarnate is a superb command ability, giving +1 to ward rolls for a Death unit anywhere on the battlefield. Combined with Discorporate or a high native ward save and you’ve got an incredibly tanky unit, but we’re not convinced you’ll have enough of those units to still do well in the game. You hardly need the horror element that is soon introduced into the mix. In some ways, the tension actually dissipates with the advent of a monstrous bear-cum-angered-Inuit-spirit. Once the creature starts tearing exploratory parties to pieces, there is focus and legitimacy to the fears of the trapped men. But it is surely the sprawling and deepening nature of these fears that provides the true horror for us all. Or maybe that’s just 2021 speaking. Maybe vicious giant bears roaming the icy wastelands were more frightening, and will be again one happy day. Well, yes. And that was, that was the nice thing, because the teachers encouraged that at my school. And so quite often, I would get the chance to read out a story to the class. And that was, that was great. And I think that was that was such a good thing to be able to do at that age. And very grateful that teachers, you know, our teachers encouraged us and allowed us to do stuff like that. So yeah, that was definitely fun. So it was it would be, you know, would you like to read your story out to the classical? Yes, please. Yeah, it's good fun doing that.

Yeah, yeah. So I mean, given the growing gap, you were clearly immersed in horror and in stories. Did you know then from an early age that you wanted to be a horror writer? Was that always the dream? Or was the aspiration? Following the dismal failure of his 80s TV series Darkplace, horror literature’s greatest living author Garth Marenghi has largely avoided the limelight, but this autumn Marenghi makes a rare public appearance to mark the release of his long-lost multi-volume epic TerrorTome. Yeah, writing your answer in terms of wherever they would be another dark place on the screen is the best possible answer someone could hope for, you know, it's like only if all the right conditions of the air only if you don't compromise any your artistic integrity in terms of doing it, you need that creative While before Nighthaunt could ‘deep strike’ using From the Underworld They Come , now at the end of deployment but before determining control of objectives you can choose up to three units and remove them from the battlefield to return to play at the end of any movement phase 9” away from enemy units. This is incredible, because your opponent has presumably deployed in response to how your army has been, but then you completely rewrite the battlefield. It also doesn’t limit how many units can leave the table – if you’re playing a small game with four units, you can hide one and put the other three into reserves before the game begins. Matthew Holness is an English comedian, writer, director, plus actor. He is best known for creating and playing the fictional horror author Garth Marenghi. His brand new book Garth Marenghi’s TerrorTome is out early November and his film Possum is out right now. Show notes


Following the announcement that the Garth Marenghi performance at the Cambridge Corn Exchange on the 9th Feb was postponed, we are pleased to announce the performance has been rescheduled for Saturday 11th March 2023.

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