Dragon Ball Z Complete Box Set: Vols. 1-26 with premium

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Dragon Ball Z Complete Box Set: Vols. 1-26 with premium

Dragon Ball Z Complete Box Set: Vols. 1-26 with premium

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Another note is that in the episodes " Memories of Gohan", " Save the World", " Goku's Decision", and " One More Wish", Mark Britten's voice for Ox-King is left intact. Kyle Hebert still redubbed him in most episodes, but not the four listed. Captain Ginyu's croaking in the first-mentioned of those episodes is still performed by Dale Kelly despite Brice Armstrong redubbing most of his material. Fortuneteller Baba's appearance is left intact with Laurie Steele instead of Linda Young redubbing over it. Christopher R. Sabat redubs his performance as Zarbon in episode 78 and also gets an extra line " Well, I suppose you know best." when Frieza goes to destroy Planet Vegeta, keeping his performance in continuity with the Namek Saga. Sabat initially followed suit with Paul Dobson and gave Zarbon an Australian accent before he devolved away into a more Mid-Atlantic sounding voice. Zarbon's original accent is left intact for episode 104. Linda Young continues to redub her work as Frieza leading up to the character's first transformation, though most of the battle grunts are left intact. Portions of her work as 2nd form Frieza are redubbed as well as redubbing one line for 3rd form Frieza in Episode 82, the line " Oh Piccolo, it's time for school!" is replaced with " Now now, you're not giving up already, ay?" in addition to 3rd form Frieza's voice sound effect being completely and unintentionally removed from the Remastered releases. Frieza's final form is redubbed in episode 84. Redubbing stops at episode 85. Christopher Sabat redubs his work as Vegeta. Originally, Sabat voiced Vegeta similar to previous English voice actor, Brian Drummond. Later in time, Sabat voiced the character much differently. However, the original battle grunts are left intact from epsiode 68 onwards.

Christopher Sabat replaces Vic Mignogna and Mark Britten as Burter. Mignogna was supposed to handle Burter's redubbing from the original Ultimate Uncut dub of the Namek Saga, but was unavailable. Sabat completely replaced Mignogna in the Namek Saga material as well. This set contains the Piccolo Jr. Saga. Little changes are present, though the filter effect used for Yaochun was removed. Unlike the first season, the set has received little controversy (most of the fans complaints are identical to the previous set). Some fans complain of the redub, including of not redubbing characters done by Sean Schemmel (Goku, Nail, and King Kai; Sean Schemmel originally voiced Goku in a similar pitch to Peter Kelamis before developing his own better-known voice in the Frieza Saga). Brice Armstrong, who performed Ginyu in the Namek Saga, replaces Dale Kelly as Captain Ginyu. Kelly's original voice is still used for some of Ginyu's battle grunts and power-up screams due to Armstrong's age.This set contains the remainder of the Baby Saga, the Super 17 Saga, the Shadow Dragon Saga, and the Dragon Ball GT: A Hero's Legacy TV special.

April 14, 2006, saw the release of all of the Dragon Ball and Dragon Ball Z movies in Dragon Box format. This set included 8 DVDs, another "Dragon Book", and two exclusive life size transceivers, functional walkie-talkies modeled after the scouters used in the Dragon Ball Z TV series. Contains Dragon Ball Z: Fusion Reborn and Dragon Ball Z: Wrath of the Dragon Dragon Ball and Dragon Ball Z Movie Collection Box Sets [ ] FUNimation later released a statement saying that the set is the highest selling anime DVD of 2007. NOTE: On the Dragon Ball saga sets that were released prior to the season sets, the subtitle translations were credited to Clyde Mandelin. On the new sets they are credited to Steven J. Simmons - although the translations are almost identical to the earlier sets. Some of the later season set discs are still credited to Mandelin. Christopher Sabat continues to replace Mark Britten as Burter. For some reason, Mark Britten's voice is kept in Episode 92. Similar to Dale Kelly's grunts as Ginyu, most of Britten's battle grunts were retained for Burter.The restored footage was then laid out tape-to-tape at 1080p. The series was telecined at an aspect ratio of 16:9, re-conforming it from its original 4:3 aspect ratio. This allegedly helped to eliminate some of the grain and glue on the top and bottom of the picture and added more image to the left and right than any previous standard definition transfer, but also removed footage from the vertical aspect. The decision to crop the picture was FUNimation's decision, not Franko's. This set contains the Emperor Pilaf Saga and the Tournament Saga. Episodes 29-31 are part of the Red Ribbon Army Saga. This DVD set marks the region 1 debut of the uncut version of Episodes 1-13. While there's no redubbing like the Dragon Ball Z sets, there are some minor alterations. For instance, Fighter 69 from the Tournament Saga had his voice pitched down in the original release, whereas here it is kept at its original pitch. Also, the filter on Great Ape Goku's roars was removed and is now heard as it was originally recorded. While these movies were originally presented in 16:9 in Japan, they had been animated in 4:3 and were cropped to fit the 16:9 aspect ratio. This resulted in some loss of the image, though this was kept in mind when animating the movies so nothing important would be lost. Strangely, all of Funimation and Pioneer's releases of the movies were the 4:3 versions without the cropping, save some slight zooming in, which is common on FUNimation's Dragon Ball DVDs. The versions used in the Dragon Box are the 16:9 versions that were shown in movie theaters and released on VHS in Japan.

Brice Armstrong continues to replace Dale Kelly as Captain Ginyu in remaining scenes, including the lines involving the "frog" subplot with Bulma, as well as Frog sound effects. However, Dale Kelly's voice was left intact in Episode 92. This set contains the remainder of the Namek Saga and the Captain Ginyu Saga. This set marks the region 1 debut of the uncut version of the Episodes 40-67.Unlike the Captain Ginyu Saga, the Frieza Saga does not receive extensive redubbing. Chris Forbis continues to revise portions of Christopher Neel's original script.

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