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The Gay Kama Sutra

The Gay Kama Sutra

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Burton made two important contributions to the Kamasutra. First, he had the courage to publish it in the colonial era against the political and cultural mores of the British elite. He creatively found a way to subvert the then prevalent censorship laws of Britain under the Obscene Publications Act of 1857. [100] [97] Burton created a fake publishing house named The Kama Shastra Society of London and Benares (Benares = Varanasi), with the declaration that it is "for private circulation only". [97] The second major contribution was to edit it in a major way, by changing words and rewriting sections to make it more acceptable to the general British public. For example, the original Sanskrit Kamasutra does not use the words lingam or yoni for sexual organs, and almost always uses other terms. Burton adroitly avoided being viewed as obscene to the Victorian mindset by avoiding the use of words such as penis, vulva, vagina and other direct or indirect sexual terms in the Sanskrit text to discuss sex, sexual relationships and human sexual positions. Burton used the terms lingam and yoni instead throughout the translation. [101] This conscious and incorrect word substitution, states Doniger, thus served as an Orientalist means to "anthropologize sex, distance it, make it safe for English readers by assuring them, or pretending to assure them, that the text was not about real sexual organs, their sexual organs, but merely about the appendages of weird, dark people far away." [101] Though Burton used the terms lingam and yoni for human sexual organs, terms that actually mean a lot more in Sanskrit texts and its meaning depends on the context. However, Burton's Kamasutra gave a unique, specific meaning to these words in the western imagination. [101] According to Doniger, the historical records suggest that the Kamasutra was a well-known and popular text in Indian history. This popularity through the Mughal Empire era is confirmed by its regional translations. The Mughals, states Doniger, had "commissioned lavishly illustrated Persian and Sanskrit Kamasutra manuscripts". [98] At the Lakshmana temple in Khajuraho (954 CE), a man receives fellatio from a seated male as part of an orgiastic scene. For Queen Takes King, you’ll use your favorite chair (or any available surface) and have the receiving partner straddle the penetrating partner’s lap. The receiving partner can situate themselves however it feels comfortable, but feet planted on the ground is a nice way to start. From there, they can rotate, bounce, and grind to their heart’s content. Human Rights Violations Against Sexuality Minorities in India". People's Union of Civil Liberties. Archived from the original on March 8, 2003 . Retrieved April 1, 2021.

The Narada Purana in 1.15.936 states that those who have non-vaginal intercourse will go to Retobhojana where they have to live on semen. Ruth Vanita states that the punishment in the afterlife suggested by it is comical and befitting the act. The Skanda Purana states that those who indulge in such acts will acquire impotency. [59] Dharmsastras [ edit ] The first English translation of the Kama Sutra was privately printed in 1883 by the Orientalist Sir Richard Francis Burton. He did not translate it, but did edit it to suit the Victorian British attitudes. The unedited translation was produced by the Indian scholar Bhagwan Lal Indraji with the assistance of a student Shivaram Parshuram Bhide, under the guidance of Burton's friend, the Indian civil servant Forster Fitzgerald Arbuthnot. [99] According to Doniger, the Burton version is a "flawed English translation" but influential as modern translators and abridged versions of Kamasutra even in the Indian languages such as Hindi are re-translations of the Burton version, rather than the original Sanskrit manuscript. [97] Suitable age for kama knowledge, the three goals of life: dharma, Artha, Kama; their essential interrelationship, natural human questionsHinduism is not known to ban homosexuality. Hindu nationalist factions have a varied opinion on the legalisation of homosexuality. [21] In the last thirty years, homosexuality has become increasingly visible in the print and audio-visual media, with many out LGBT people, an active LGBT movement, and a large Indian LGBT presence on the Internet. From the 1990s onward, modern gay and lesbian Hindu organizations have surfaced in India's major cities and in 2004, plausible calls were made for the first time to repeal India's laws against homosexuality. [22] Medieval Hindu temples such as those at Khajuraho depict sexual acts in sculptures on the external walls. Some of these scenes involve same-sex sexuality: A 12th-century Shiva temple in Bagali, Karnataka depicts a scene of apparent oral sex between two males on a sculpture below the shikhara. The text states that there are two sorts of "third nature", one where a man behaves like a woman, and in the other, a woman behaves like a man. In one of the longest consecutive sets of verses describing a sexual act, the Kamasutra describes fellatio technique between a man dressed like a woman performing fellatio on another man. [89] The text also mentions same-sex behavior between two women, such as a girl losing her virginity with a girlfriend as they use their fingers, [90] as well as oral sex and the use of sex toys between women. [91] Svairini, a term Danielou translates as a lesbian, [92] is described in the text as a woman who lives a conjugal life with another woman or by herself fending for herself, not interested in a husband. [93] Additionally, the text has some fleeting remarks on bisexual relationships. [90] Kakar, Sundir (1981). The Inner World: A Psycho-analytic Study of Childhood and Society in India. Delhi: Oxford University Press. p. 39

The Solo Snake is ideal for getting hot, hot, hot as you grind against a hand or a vibrating toy. Your own body weight is what makes this position feel oh-so-good; the extra friction really increases your sensitivity. Nanda, Serena. Neither Man Nor Woman: The hijras of India, p. 10. Canada: Wadworth Publishing Company, 1999 Any pregnant woman will appreciate the Rear-Entry Side Position, a nice relaxing way to have a roll in the hay. It’s also just one of the snuggliest positions around for all kinds of bodies — and excellent for morning sex. Have the penetrating partner enter from behind and snuggle up close with your knees touching, with your hands free to hold one another or play with other erogenous areas along the way. Same-Sex Love In India: Readings from Literature and History by Ruth Vanita and Saleem Kidwai. Palgrave, 2001. At the Rajarani Temple in Bhubaneswar, Odisha, dating from the 10th or 11th century, a sculpture depicts two women engaged in oral sex.

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Another example of the forms of intimacy discussed in the Kamasutra includes chumbanas (kissing). [81] The text presents twenty-six forms of kisses, ranging from those appropriate for showing respect and affection, to those during foreplay and sex. Vatsyayana also mentions variations in kissing cultures in different parts of ancient India. [81] The best kiss for an intimate partner, according to kamasutra, is one that is based on the awareness of the avastha (the emotional state of one's partner) when the two are not in a sexual union. During sex, the text recommends going with the flow and mirroring with abhiyoga and samprayoga. [81]

Discussions on Dharma". Hinduism Today. December 2004. Archived from the original on July 26, 2011 . Retrieved April 1, 2021. Bajoria, Jayshree (June 14, 2002). " 'Girlfriend' causes India storm". BBC News . Retrieved April 1, 2021. Chapter 9, "Of the Auparishtaka or Mouth Congress" ". Archived from the original on March 13, 2010.Bonvillain, Nancy (2001). Women and men: cultural constructs of gender. Prentice Hall. p.281. ISBN 978-0-13-025973-8. Wilhelm, Amara Das. Tritiya-Prakriti: People of the Third Sex, pp. 77–78. Philadelphia, PA: Xlibris Corporation, 2003.

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