King of Battle and Blood: 1 (Adrian X Isolde)

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King of Battle and Blood: 1 (Adrian X Isolde)

King of Battle and Blood: 1 (Adrian X Isolde)

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THE MAIN THING that bothered me about Isolde was her nonstop horniness. Seriously, she was either leaking or aching for like 80% of the damn book I have to say, after reading ATOD from the 3rd person perspective and this book from the 1st person, I think SSC does much better writing in 1st person. While this i If you were a fan of The Bridge Kingdom but wanted it much smuttier and more magical (aka: Vampires), you will ADORE this book because it gave me VERY similar vibes. OH MY GOD. THIS LOOKS SO FRIGGIN' GOOD. DID IT JUST OFFICIALLY BECOME ONE OF MY MOST ANTICIPATED READS? Still feeling woozy from her wounds getting infected, a vampire she’d not noticed, had helped heal her, making her feel the heat in unholy places in the process.

Look, this book is damn entertaining, and I think it’ll hit its mark with most of its audience, but I was frustrated that so much of the plot is devoted to other woman/other man drama. I was wavering on what to rate it and had initially gone with 4 stars, but after more thought I am going with 3 stars because what I see in this book is some of the same mistakes I felt Scarlett St. Clair has made with her Hades X Persephone series. Far too much of her writing is spent on relationship drama and it hangs over the rest of the story like a dark storm cloud.With Elin, Siva, Lita, Jola, Isolde, and almost all of the nine houses of Cordova, conquered by the blood king and his army, the ruler of Lara, King Henri was forced to seek an audience with the blood king himself. I can be anything. Your jailor, your savior, your lover.” His mouth was closer to my ear as he added, “Your monster.” I had no idea a month ago that sleeping with Killian would mean his unannounced arrival to my bedroom. Except, like always, he overstepped one night and found my room empty. He’d woken the whole castle, had an entire army searching the surrounding forest for me. All I’d wanted to do was watch the stars, and I’d done so for years atop the rolling hills of Lara—until a week ago. After I was found, my father summoned me to his study. He’d lectured me on the state of the world, the importance of watchfulness, and had given me guards and a curfew. ADRIAN WAS SURPRISINGLY not as alpha as I thought he would be, which actually made me like him more. I was worried he was going to be a douche-lord like Knox from Flames of Chaos, but he was very respectful but still macho enough to be sexy The characters were weird and problematic, just the way most of us like them. There was a passion in Isolde that I felt throughout the book whereas Adrian gave me more of a calm vibe. Usually, I will immediately call out insta love, but after some twists and reveals, a lot of things definitely made sense. The twists and reveals were actually some of my favorite parts of the story.

For her as a writer, centering Isolde’s perspective and grounding the story in the changes her character is going through was always paramount. And, in a way, the book’s steamier interludes are just another kind of worldbuilding. There's no way Isolde's father would try to kill her. He legit was going to go to war so she didn't have to marry Adrian. Also, wouldn’t he trust his daughter and talk with her about why she hasn’t tried killing Adrian? Isolde was supposed to be queen of Lara, so I feel like her father would respect her enough to have a conversation about all this. Not just make a rash decision to kill her bc it would lead to Adrian’s death as well. I like how Isolde de Lara stands firm about her values. She knows what she wants and stands by them. She will value her people and then worried about her safety. To end a years-long war, Princess Isolde of Lara is willing to do whatever it takes, even if that means marrying her enemy, the ruthless vampire king, Adrian Aleksandr Vasiliev, and kill him.⁠ They were sloppy words, but I meant them. I’d only chosen to sleep with Killian because he’d been there, and I’d wanted release. That had been my first mistake. Because I’d ignored other warnings, like his tendency to keep my father aware of my every move.


I told myself I didn't mind that much at first. Hell, I've read worse plots than "nekkid vampire sex" for sure. But it is super cringey. From the use of the pet name "sparrow" 🤮 to the anthropomorphised clitoris. What are you doing all the way out here?” His voice hinted at intrigue, silky in its delivery, and the sound made my stomach clench. His decision had been met with mixed emotion. Some wished to fight rather than succumb to this monster’s reign. Others were uncertain—had my father traded death on the battlefield for another kind? King of Battle Blood is a medieval vampire fantasy romance book written by Scarlett St Clair; about the sacrifices made by the king and princess of Lara to save their people from the terror of the blood king and his army.

I should go,” I whispered, holding his gaze.I wanted to move my body, but felt too relaxed. Perhaps it was infection, already rooted in my blood. Another thing that got me popping my vein is this branding that Clair had for coming up with the most condescending, crude heroines. EVERY. SINGLE. TIME. Do you hate women so bad as to pit me against all these female characters ceaselessly? I hate to give all the encomium to a man that hardly exists in the real world today so WHY? No, cause I get the hidden message forth; women empowerment, strength, knowledge versus ignorance, war, and sacrifice, yada yada. I apologize in advance for the length of this review. I had a lot to say about Isolde and this “romance” between her and Adrian…

Considering that I'm not a big fan of the author's previous works, I really delve into this with zero expectation. A surprise it was when I found myself feeling okay as I read further, though a few things still irked me. But let me be fair in my review by starting with what I enjoy and like first. Romance makes billions of dollars!” St. Clair laughs. “It’s like you have all the science here, all the numbers that you should be dominating the markets with romance and you don’t do it because people think it’s ‘not literary’ or whatever.”

The Blood King is a monster among men. His name is whispered in fear. His reputation as a ruthless, bloodthirsty monster spans villages. And Isolde isn't excluded from the list. So when the vampire who is demanding surrender from her kingdom, is willing to trade protection of her people in exchange for her as his bride, she accepts. She would do anything for her people. Even walk willingly into the arms of a monster who she's been taught to hate and fear all of her life.I hate how Isolde de Lara has been demonstrated. She was first introduced as a brown skin woman, who likes sex a lot, can fight ( either defending herself or abusing someone else, cough husband, cough), and get jealous easily but a the same time, demands respect.

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