Magic Hair Bun Shaper Set, 2 Pcs Magic Hair Clip Twist Hair Braiding Set, 2 Pairs Topsy Tail Loop Hair Kit Ponytail Maker, 2 Pcs Donut Hair Bun Tool

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Magic Hair Bun Shaper Set, 2 Pcs Magic Hair Clip Twist Hair Braiding Set, 2 Pairs Topsy Tail Loop Hair Kit Ponytail Maker, 2 Pcs Donut Hair Bun Tool

Magic Hair Bun Shaper Set, 2 Pcs Magic Hair Clip Twist Hair Braiding Set, 2 Pairs Topsy Tail Loop Hair Kit Ponytail Maker, 2 Pcs Donut Hair Bun Tool

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You can try starting from the side of your head, creating French braid pigtails, or even trying a Dutch braid. The styling options are only limited by your imagination. 1. How to Prep Your Hair for French Braiding Next, you just need to keep repeating this cross-over pattern. You should end up using all of your hair, and you will notice that you run out of sections of hair to incorporate into the braid as you work your way down. Getting a great French braid starts with sectioning the hair off correctly. Start at the top of your head and section off a portion of hair, about three to four inches wide. Depending on the length of your hair, this process could take a bit of patience but hang in there. It will be worth it in the end.

At this point, you can continue the braid as a traditional braid. When you reach the end of your hair, secure the braid with a hair tie. You’re all set! Optional: Try Different Styles and VariationsTry to always keep two sections in your right hand and one in your left hand, so you have an easier time completing the French braid. At this point, it is time to start adding new sections of hair to get that French braid look. Remember that you are crossing the right-most section over the center section, then crossing the left-most section over the new center section.

This paraben-free formula contains green apple and green tea extracts to add strength and moisture to your hair while naturally detangling it and giving it added shine. Below are some simple steps to creating a basic French braid. Start with this tutorial and as you get more comfortable with the process, you can try out other variations on the French braid.

A productivity hair braid spell:

Although the French braid is regularly attributed to North Africa (and rightfully so), especially Algeria, there are also early depictions of similar hairstyles in Greek and Celtic history, as well as imperial China. These braiding tools can make it look like you know how to French braid even if you haven’t taken the time to learn. French Braid Tool Topsy Tail Loop Hair Kit

There are different ways to use the tool on your hair so that it can help with sectioning off strands, pulling sections out, crossing them over, and adding more dimension to your hair. DIY Braiding Hair Sponge Known for the details in her stitch braids, in 2009, Stasha launched Magic Finger’s Studios, what started as a braiding salon in Brooklyn, and has since evolved into a licensing partnership with Ampro, where she developed and launched her own custom product line under the Shine n Jam imprint. Working closing with Ampro, Stasha’s Magic Finger’s Shine’n Jam has become the #1 product for braiders across the world. The success of the partnership led to product extensions such as mousse, sheen, combs, oil, and hair bonnets. The newest partnership added to the Trinidadian braiders resume is her pre-stretched braiding hair, Magic Finger’s Hair, made with 100% Kanekalon. She has also invented the Magic Helper which is a unique tool that saves braiders time on prepping hair. Looser dutch braids or english braids lend themselves to magic relating to relaxation, cleansing, anti-anxiety, calming, soothing, and defensive magic. Now, each time that you cross a strand of hair over, add a bit more hair to the section. You can pull this hair from the outer part of your hair, near your face. Throughout the years, variations on the French braid have emerged, such as the Dutch braid and the Fishtail braid.Keep in mind that it’s important to get your hand positions down so that you don’t get confused while continuing the braid. We recommend holding two strands of hair in your right hand and the third strand of hair in your left hand. Once you have added all of the hair from the sides of your face, you won’t have any more hair to add for a French braid. For instance, you might do French braids down the side of your head, looping it around for an elegant braid. You can also section off different parts of your hair to create multiple French braids. Start braiding, all the while keeping your intention in the forefront of your mind, say it out loud or under your breath if you like. Use the grooves to portion out your strands of hair and then work your way down your hair, braiding as you go along and using the braiding sponge as a template. Magic Hair Braiding Set

They have a protective outer layer, so your hair won’t get tangled up in the rubber, plus there aren’t any metal parts that could damage your strands. Frequently Asked QuestionsOur research indicates that straight hair needs to be washed more often than other hair types since straight hair tends to more oily than wavy, curly or kinky hair types. Otherwise, your braid will get covered up as you add more hair further down the braid. It doesn’t really matter how much hair you add to each section as you cross it over.

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