Medical Medium Brain Saver: Answers to Brain Inflammation, Mental Health, OCD, Brain Fog, Neurological Symptoms, Addiction, Anxiety, Depression, Heavy ... Alzheimer’s, Autoimmune & Eating Disorders

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Medical Medium Brain Saver: Answers to Brain Inflammation, Mental Health, OCD, Brain Fog, Neurological Symptoms, Addiction, Anxiety, Depression, Heavy ... Alzheimer’s, Autoimmune & Eating Disorders

Medical Medium Brain Saver: Answers to Brain Inflammation, Mental Health, OCD, Brain Fog, Neurological Symptoms, Addiction, Anxiety, Depression, Heavy ... Alzheimer’s, Autoimmune & Eating Disorders

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With Medical Medium Brain Saver and its companion volume, Medical Medium Brain Saver Protocols, Cleanses & Recipes , Anthony William shares never before heard knowledge about our brain and nervous system. How to protect your brain against Alzheimer’s, PTSD, strokes, seizures, and more— before it’s too late The relationships among these ingredients are intricate and unknown to anyone. Until now, this knowledge from above has remained untapped. You can follow the instructions in Brain Saver and Brain Saver Protocols, Cleanses & Recipes for how to use these Brain Shot Therapies to get the best results. These causes range from emotional injury to toxic heavy metals to adrenal burnout to brain burnout to low-grade viral infections to all of the above. Each cause can vary too. For example, when it comes to toxic heavy metals, there are differences from person to person in what type of metal or metals are in the brain, where the metals reside, how close they are to the emotional centers of the brain, how fast the toxic heavy metals are oxidizing, and whether there are any other poisons, solvents, or exposures involved that can partly contribute.

Combine the dressing ingredients in a blender and blend until smooth. Strain through a fine-mesh sieve into a small bowl or jug. So many people with neurological problems have eyeball problems so their eyeballs are moving in different directions they’re having a difficult time with that right so eye floaters I focused issues Facial Pain fainting fatigue fever blisters fibromyalgia flu fluttering in the ears so many people get the fluttering focus and concentration issues food poisoning food sensitive. So and there’s an OCD chapter that’s mined blowing in the brain saver books an OCD chapter a bipolar chapter Alzheimer’s chapter even if you don’t have Alzheimer’s and you’re not worried you want to read the chapter because it blows your mind because you’ll know the cause of Alzheimer’s in detail and there’s a section about epilepsy in here that’s the whole key excessive sweating extreme fatigue eyeball unusual movements. These Brain Shots are composed of specific combinations of ingredients working together systematically for specific reasons that only a source above could know.Read about depersonalization and get specific healing support in Brain Saver and Brain Saver Protocols, Cleanses & Recipes. And when you want even more healing options, you can turn to Medical Medium Brain Saver Protocols, Cleanses & Recipes to take the essential information this book provides to a higher level.

The information and answers on brain betrayers in these companion books are not meant to make you fear life here on Planet Earth. We can’t avoid everything that isn’t great for our brains. We have to live in this world. These chapters also aren’t here so you can accept everything listed and move on with life, ignoring these brain betrayers as if they don’t exist. Rather than being here to scare you, the information on brain betrayers in Brain Saver are your protective guide, not just for your brain or even your body; it’s a guide to a better life. With a little knowledge about what we’re exposed to on an occasional or constant basis and the role that plays in harming us—even if it’s as simple as aspartame triggering a migraine—we’re so much better equipped to live the lives we see for ourselves rather than get sidelined by symptoms or illness. After years of doctors being unable to diagnose, identify, or pinpoint our child’s gastrointestinal issues, Anthony’s expertise and intuition led us to not only identifying the issue, but more importantly, Anthony’s precise protocols have been the invaluable catalyst in our daughter’s healing, recovery, and her happiness...” Encephalitis encephalopathy energy issues epilepsy chapter in here an epilepsy okay and seizures that is something that’s really important Epstein-Barr virus right Epstein-Barr virus reactivated late-stage early stage and reactivated I mean how cool excessive sweating extreme fatigue. Medical medium brain saver book pdfSo let’s talk a little bit more about it right here chronic mystery guilt coffee withdrawal cold flu and sea cold hands and feet cold sensitivity. In any medical like any health book just eat better books out there but they don’t talk about any of that Cushing’s disease cystic fibrosis dark spots on the brain how many people get MRIs they’ve got this mystery dark spot in the brain dark tongue discoloration right. Medical medium brain saver pdf by anthony williams It’s really an exciting time so you got the brain saver protocols book right here. About medical medium brain saver by anthony williams pdf Book Name

These Brain Shots aren’t tasty delights thrown together for fun and experimentation. The healing shots of Medical Medium Brain Shot Therapy are tools that come from above. What it means to have a static brain, an alloy brain, a viral brain, an emotional brain, inflamed cranial nerves, an addicted brain, an acid brain, and a burnt out, deficient brain—and what you can do about it Medical Medium Brain Saver is designed to serve you as a lifelong brain health reference book. In it, you’ll discover:Depersonalization can also happen without emotional injury, without emotional trauma. Someone could have what seems to be a perfect life, and yet have severe depersonalization. Someone else could have extreme emotional abuse, hardship, and emotional trauma and no toxic heavy metals, no low-grade viral infection, and they could sustain depersonalization from the emotional injuries alone, if they’re severe enough. Someone else can sustain emotional injuries and not have depersonalization. Everyone’s threshold for emotional injuries differs. If you’ve been searching for direction about brain, neurological, or mental health, you’ve finally found the answers. Whether you’re just starting out or your journey has taken you to multiple neurologists, internists, and functional medicine doctors, your time has come to discover the true cause of your suffering, move forward, and heal.

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