Master Series Nipple Amplifier Enlargement Bulbs with O-Rings

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Master Series Nipple Amplifier Enlargement Bulbs with O-Rings

Master Series Nipple Amplifier Enlargement Bulbs with O-Rings

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Breast torture (also called breast play, nipple torture or tit torture) [1] is a BDSM activity [2] in which sexual stimulation is provided through the intentional application of physical pain or constriction to the breasts, areolae or nipples of a submissive. [3] [4] It is a popular activity among the kink community. [5] The recipient of such activities may wish to receive them as a result of masochism [6] or they may have a desire to please a dominant who is sadistic. [7] Those involved may also be motivated by breast fetishism. [8] Mild breast torture such as light impact play on the breasts is also occasionally used outside of the BDSM context to provide stimulation and pleasure during conventional sex. [9] While breast and nipple torture is usually performed on women, most techniques or methods may also be used on men. [ citation needed] Captive, Segment & Seamless Nipple Rings– Rings will sometimes be a little too visible under men’s clothing, but women can hide them with padded bras. Even if you’re a guy who works in a professional environment, you shouldn’t pass up rings just because they might be too visible through your dress shirts. You can always wear an undershirt or save your captive, seamless or segment rings for the weekend. There are tons of fun styles, so at least take a look at what we have to offer! Start by identifying two things: How big are your nipples? And how much pressure do you enjoy? As Queen explains, "Some clamps cover a wider surface area and might be preferred by people with bigger nipples." The size of the clamps also affects sensitivity. "Thin or small tips on clamps focus the pressure down to one small spot instead of spreading it out," she adds. Find the right weight Please note that it’s important to keep your nipple jewelry clean. Wash it with warm, soapy water (using antibacterial soap) before inserting it into a nipple piercing. Wear clean, disposable gloves when handling your jewelry whenever possible. If gloves are unavailable, wash your hands well with antibacterial soap and warm water first. Putting on a Nipple Shield

Titanium is your next best option, because it’s the absolute most inert metal. Surgical steel is a close second, and we have tons of gorgeous nipple rings made of both materials, as you’ll see in our Nipple Rings section. Here are just 3 of the many designs you’ll find there, if you opt for titanium, surgical stainless steel, niobium, or gold jewelry: Slide the barbell through your piercing. You may need to push the shield into your breast as you do this, so that the barbell goes through over top of the shield as shown above. a b c "Nipple Clamp Safety". Lovegasm. Archived from the original on 21 March 2023 . Retrieved 16 June 2022. Once you know what size jewelry you need, it’s time to start thinking about what style of nipple jewelry you want to try once you’re fully healed. Here are some of your options: This article is about consensual activity that is not intended to be injurious. For non-consensual, deliberately injurious activity in general, see Torture. For the torture instrument used in non-consensual activity, see Breast ripper. A bondage rigger creating a shinju rope breast harness that can be used for breast bondageIf you're looking for nipple clamps that double as a piece of jewelry, then feast your eyes on these bbs. Created by luxury pleasure brand UPKO, this royally stunning option features adjustable tweezer-style clamps, a double zinc alloy chain, and delicate beaded weights. Hi, we're in love. Rely on your piercer to help you choose the best size starter jewelry and to give you guidance on the sizes you should be considering one you’re fully healed and ready to try new jewelry. WRITE EVERYTHING DOWN, including the length or diameter and gauge of your current starter jewelry and your piercer’s recommendations for post-healing sizes. Keep that info somewhere safe so it’s handy when you’re ready to start shopping for new jewelry! If You’re Stylin’, You’ll Be Smilin’ Choosing the Best-Sized Post-Healing Jewelry. Now, what about size after your nipple piercings are fully healed? The diameter or length of the nipple piercing jewelry you choose will depend in large part on the size of your nipples. If you’re wearing straight barbells, you need jewelry that’s just long enough that the balls don’t press on either side of your nipples to avoid necrosis. You don’t want them to be so long that they’re constantly catching on clothes and stuff, though. If you’re wearing captive bead rings, keep the diameter reasonable so that the jewelry isn’t in your way or showing through your clothing… unless you want it to! 😉 Kink and BDSM activities are never completely free from risk, [12] but some forms of breast torture, such as the use of clothespins on nipples, light flagellation and simple breast bondage, are considered to be relatively safe and benign. [6] In contrast, some forms of breast torture, such as severe caning, amateur piercing, or being suspended by the breasts, are considered edge activities that can include great risk. [6] Anatomically the breasts do not allow someone to be safely suspended by their breasts through suspension bondage techniques. [13] All forms of breast torture require adequate precautions to prevent injury or blood loss. [12] Techniques [ edit ] There are several different types of nipple clamps out there, and the type you choose will def depend on your experience level. Adjustable nipple clamps (such as tweezer clamps, alligator clamps, four-point clamps, and nipple lassos) are best for beginners, while non-adjustable clamps (like clothespin clamps, magnetic clamps, and clover clamps) are better suited for more experienced users. A few tips for getting the best bang for your nips: Consider your nipple size and sensitivity

If you have any or all of these signs of infection, you have to do 2 things: (A) Get to a doctor ASAP and request an antibiotic, and (B) see your piercer and have him or her insert longer barbells. Sound like a fun situation? Nah! So how do you avoid this potential fiasco? Start out with extra-long barbells! Captive bead rings are good, too, in the sense that they won’t put undue pressure on your healing fistulas even if your nipples swell. However, rings can put extra downward pressure on your healing fistulas, potentially delaying the healing process and making your sure-to-be-tender nipples extra sore..a b Adriana (16 October 2020). "Breast Bondage: Easy Harnesses Even If You've Never Used Rope Before". Bad Girls' Bible. Brown, Ashley; Barker, Edward D.; Rahman, Qazi (July 2020). "A Systematic Scoping Review of the Prevalence, Etiological, Psychological, and Interpersonal Factors Associated with BDSM". Journal of Sex Research. 57 (6): 781–811. doi: 10.1080/00224499.2019.1665619. PMID 31617765. S2CID 204740964. More than 50% reported they had participated in sadomasochistic activities like breast play... PTFE, which is also called BioPlast or BioFlex, is a flexible, relatively soft material that’s completely hypoallergenic. You’re somewhat limited to the style of nipple rings you choose if you opt for this material, though. Straight barbells are really the only PTFE nipple ring option we offer. They do come in some fun colors and designs, though, like the cool blue glitter ball-topped PTFE straight barbell shown to the right.

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